Our Process

Kell’s Furniture Restoration takes a unique approach to restoring and repairing your furniture.

One of our philosophies is to analyze the repair needs thoroughly before ever reaching for a tool. With our extensive knowledge of wood and structural design of furniture it’s important to do the initial investigation first and come up with a game plan to ensure a flawless end result.

Here’s a general idea of what to expect with our restoration process.

  1. Analyze and investigate
  2. Assess structural damage
  3. Remove hardware if necessary
  4. Chemical strip if necessary followed by hand stripping
  5. Gluing
  6. Sanding with precision to ensure the best surface
  7. Paint, stain or seal as needed
  8. Touchups, blending if needed
  9. Hardware restoration, polishing
  10. Final superfine polishing
  11. Reassembly and delivery

For more details, see our detailed Refinishing Steps.

We know you’ll find our process the industry standard for restorations. Each step we take is meticulously followed and our craftsmen are masters in their work.